Why Spanish

Why should I learn Spanish as opposed to another language? Why is it interesting?

Personally, I think that choosing to learn a second/third language is a personal choice – I love languages and have chosen to focus in English and Spanish – if you are interested or curious and the idea of learning a specific language excites you…that new specific language is calling you…go for it!

If you do not hear “the call” clearly, but you know you would like to learn a new language or if you just have to choose a language for college requirements, then you can be practical and do a little research.

Did you know that the U.S. now has more Spanish speakers than in Spain?!!

Now, consider asking yourself:

1. Do you live in the United States of America? What languages do you think would be helpful to learn?
2. Are you curious about the cultures of Spanish Speaking countries?
3. Do you have Hispanic or Latin American heritage? Are you planning to visit your relatives in a Spanish speaking country? Would you like to communicate with your Spanish speaking family?

Other questions you may want to consider, especially if you are a professional looking to advance your career or to simply get more satisfaction in your field:

1. If you live in the United States and your area of interest is in the healthcare or medical field, do you think another language would be helpful? Physicians definitely think so, and are working diligently to familiarize themselves with Spanish medical terminology in order to communicate more clearly with their patients.
2. Are you planning to do some work in a Spanish speaking country? If so, would you like to communicate better with your employees, clients or students? When negotiating or teaching/training, do you think it would be helpful to understand the culture?

Choosing Spanish as a second language in the United States especially in California seems to make sense. Learning a second language has many benefits and just thinking about the outcome can motivate you to move forward!

For example:

  • As a professional, you can advance your career and get more satisfaction.
  • Travelers and other personal reasons:
    • to fully enjoy your travels in a Spanish speaking country, it would benefit you to immerse yourself in the language and culture
    • to help you communicate with Spanish speaking people or even to briefly translate for a stranger, and of course, to communicate with Spanish speaking friends and family
    • to exercise your mind – no matter your age or how much time you devote to the new language