Davis, California is in a practical geographical location for those who like to get away just for a day or the weekend – close to the Bay area (take the train to Berkeley, to San Francisco or go enjoy the beach) or if you prefer the mountains (take a drive to Lake Tahoe). Davis is the home to the University of California, Davis (UCD) and as of 2013, the population reported was 66,205 (not including the UCD student population).

Davis is a family oriented community and prides itself with their public schools. Most Davis students have the opportunity to learn a second language and in the process become better prepared to be involved in a global community by enrolling in the World Language Program offered at the secondary schools.

Davis has nine elementary schools (including a two-way Bilingual and Spanish Immersion Program) and one school for independent study.

Secondary Schools include:

Junior High Schools:

  • Da Vinci Academy Junior High
  • Emerson Junior High
  • Harper Junior High
  • Holmes Junior High

High Schools:

  • Da Vinci Charter Academy
  • Davis Senior High

The academic school year 2016-2017 is scheduled to start:

JUNIOR HIGH SCHOOLS will be starting later in the morning – 8:30AM
Much research has been done on the importance of sleep for teens, which encourages schools to start later in the morning as it provides many benefits for teens. (Note: School will end the day at the same time – 3:30pm.)

FUN FACT: The new Superintendent in Davis is John Bowes and he is bilingual in English and Spanish. He took Spanish in high school and later served in Guatemala as a Peace Corps Volunteer.