About Me

My name is Gloria Widner, and I love teaching Spanish to my students! I am a native Spanish speaker, as I grew up in the Latin American country of Honduras. As a young child I had the opportunity to attend American schools in my own country where I quickly learned English. Later I attended school in the United States, and then put my bilingual skills to use in professional working environments, many of which were focused on international outreach. My fluency in both English and Spanish that began at such an early age, gives me a unique advantage in knowing the best way to teach my students.

As a resident (and parent) in Davis, CA for over 25+ years, I am well-versed in the school systems, and am aware of what students need to know in order to complete their classes. One of my favorite things about being a Spanish tutor and instructor in Davis, CA is getting to know families, and staying in touch to learn how Spanish has benefited them even after they stop taking classes.

I would love to hear what your Spanish language needs are, and how I can help!